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Our Gypsy Queen Leather Jackets are finally available!

I wanted to share a few gorgeous close-ups of our Gypsy Queen Leather jackets. Wow. It was such a joy making these jackets and scouring different corners of India to find the different fabric panels that embellish each jacket in different hues. Every jacket is totally unique, with a different bold, brightly coloured patch of vintage fabric adorning the sleeves and back panels.

The girls at the office have been circling the jackets like hawks, all trying to decide which one they want to take home – Spelly grabbed hers ‘I want the one with the most PINK in it’ she squealed ; ) If you do decide to get one, our lovely customer-care girls Emma or Meg will email you with a few photos of their fave jackets so you can choose one for yourself – because after all, isn’t that what vintage shopping is all about? Scouring through different textures and colours and deciding which one is meant for you!

We hope you find one you love!! xx Lizzy


Nine Lives & 70s Vibes

DSC_0037 copy



bandit have love


DSC_0015 copy





DSC_0063 copy


DSC_0079 copy



The Freedom State Lookbook
Location Nine Lives Bazaar
Model Taylor Maclean
Styling | Photography Mandy & Taylor Maclean of The Freedom State.

Spell, Sugarhigh+Lovestoned, Lisa’s Closet, Bandit Brand, Wildfox, Somedays Lovin’,  Tigerlily

La Isla Bonita.

Isla X Spell-81

Isla X Spell-96

Isla X Spell-73

Isla X Spell-78

Isla X Spell-87

Isla X Spell-93

Isla X Spell-95

Isla X Spell-108

Isla X Spell_-23

Isla X Spell_-4

Isla X Spell_-7

Isla X Spell_-9

Isla X Spell_-19

Isla X Spell-5

Isla X Spell-8

Isla X Spell-11

Isla X Spell-16

Isla X Spell-23

Isla X Spell-42

Isla X Spell-70

Isla X Spell-145

Isla X Spell-153

Isla X Spell-160

ISLA Collective (Insta follow @islacollective)
Photography Caitlin Miers (insta follow @caitmiersphotography)
Muse Kita Alexander
H&M Luciana Rose (insta follow @lucianarose)
Story below by H&M artist Luciana Rose of Fox and Bambi Blog.

Shop Isla Collective HERE.

* * *

Just another day in paradise… backyard bliss!… Hair and makeup station set up in my house, sunshine streaming into the lounge. A quick 2 mintue walk through my magical forest to Dolphins Beach, a vast white sanded expanse of ocean side desert.

We shot this little blog post with the stunning mermaid Kita, her beachy long, balayaged locks were a pleasure to style, (FYI I used Kevin Murphy’s Resort Spray & Motion Lotion which is my go to product for beach hair). She frolicked & wandered, the sand was like soft flour, and then she embraced the ocean.

I love how these Spell pieces were paired back with those Isla Collective basics – just the way my sisters intended… ‘always dress it down!’ Perfect beach attire.

xx Luciana

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