Lovecat. {featuring Spell}


                  photographer: Sybil Steele model: Anja Konstantinova@Priscilla’s stylists: Mandy Shadforth@Oracle Fox, Marisa Sidoti@MOAT h&m: Ashlea Penfold lovecatmag.com Another hauntingly beautiful shoot by one of our favourite photographers Sybil Steele for cult NYC magazine Lovecat. And of course you can tell at a glance that Mandy Shadforth styled […]

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Desert Angel.


          ALUSHIA SANCHIA Photographer – Shirin Carter Hair – Peggy Sue’s / Bee Rizzi Make up – April Rose Makeup /  Jacqui Bradfield Models –  Taylah Roberts + Pamika Reynolds Clothing – Oh Henry Vintage   Spell and I met Alushia of Alushia Sanchia on a design trip in Bali early […]

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Pepitas Muchos Grazias


I got addicted to these little babies a while back when I was traveling around Mexico in a Winnebago with a (now X) boyfriend… And I’ve just found out they’re super choc full of protien, iron, zinc and magnesium – so I’m encouraging the addiction… (All photos above taken on my povo iphone… sorry Johnny’s […]

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Pastal Infusion.


                              In the rush to Christmas, with all the madness and material forces swirling around us (my dad calls those forces the ‘nafsu’ – an Indonesian word for ‘dark forces’) all I’m craving is the soft touch of a silk pastal […]

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Hot Town…Summer in the City.


                                This is a little lookbook shoot we did to show off a few of our Summer staples. This was actually our very first studio look book shoot! Usually, we drag all our props and bits and pieces out into […]

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She’s a Fox {Behind the Scenes}


A while back we shared the gorgeous photos of a collaboration between local photographer Sybil Steele, Oracle Fox’s Mandy Shadforth and The Surf Collective here. Today I thought I’d post a few of the ‘behind the scenes’ shots that our sister (Spell’s twin) Luciana Rose, took on the day in between the glitter-filled ‘hair and […]

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Tropical Dreaming


                        Spelly and I are on another designing trip in Bali. Our minds are so full of ideas and designs and endless possibilities that sometimes we just look at eachother and burst out laughing! Yesterday we took a break from designing in the city […]

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Our Story…


My film-making fiance Johnny Abegg loves the story of how Spelly and I came together to create Spell. He’s always said he wanted to capture the story and create a little clip to share. So he came into the studio one sunny Spring afternoon and sat us down and threw a camera in our faces. […]

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Road to Nowhere.


                Road to Nowhere  by Alyssa Johnson & Kelsey Krekeler Alyssa and Kelsey emailed us this week, introducing us to their gorgeous jewellery range Road to Nowhere. It’s quite stunning, as are the haunting photo from their latest range above. I love the pops of colour in their […]

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Desert Rose


                    The gorgeous girls from Sugarhigh+Lovestoned have nailed it with their new holiday campaign shoot. Oh how we have huge photoshoot-location-envy right now!! This desert (is it them mojave?) is our dream play ground… I am seriously in love with that tasseled tan leather jacket and […]

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