⪼⟁⪻ Star Spangled ⪼⟁⪻

My one experience of an American 4th of July was a Summer I spent in San Diego’s PB. There were BBQs and house parties welcoming us in right along the beach front. Everyone was dressed for a party, there was a joyous feeling of celebration in the air and all day the star spangled banner flew proudly in every direction
It was a beautiful summer and I have very fond memories of it – my my fave part about living in PB was that every sunset at the very moment that the sun disappeared over the horizon, everyone watching on would cheer and clap as the last millimeter of sun dropped behind the water – as though the sun had performed some kind of athletic triumph…
Happy 4th of July to our American friends!!

(oh and if you’re wondering ‘why the Zippora Seven’ obsession??? Ever since I saw her rock’n out in our bull ring – I’ve been obsessing about getting her for a shoot! hehe Last shot from a Billabong shoot photos Zoey Grossman / Styling Ashley Glorioso)

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