Arizona Vagabond

Photography by Ash Schumann
I’ve been following Ash on instagram (@arizona_) for a while now (I don’t actually know her personally) but like with a lot of instagram friends you get such a voyeuristic glimpse into their lives it can feel like you do know them!
Her insta-photos always draw my attention, especially as I could see by her daily feed that she lived locally, and I was compelled to check out her blog/website Arizona Vagabond. Her work is so haunting, beautiful, dark, light, beachy, worldy… I contacted Ash with a few questions about her photography:
What’s your camera of choice?
If I’m working with a commercial shoot I chose the Canon 5D Mark II, it does the job for me! I’ve always shot digitally with Canon but experiment with a plethora of branded film cameras.
Do you have a lens you’re having an affair with at the moment?
I’m obsessed with my Canon 50mm at the moment, experimenting with close up almost macro shots that give the image a sexy mystery.
What would be your dream photo shoot?
I’m used to dealing with company budgets, so my dream shoot would be to shoot with no restrictions! I love shooting on location because there is so much landscape to work with. I think my dream shoot right now would be a hidden jungle with beautiful models contrasted with exotic, dangerous animals. Its nice to work alongside your adrenalin by having spontaneous elements.
Models or Real People?
I love documenting my own life, my beautiful family and friends, I do quite a bit of traveling and shooting my travels has been the ultimate satisfaction.

How do you think living where you do affects your creative direction?

I love living in Byron, I’m from a small coastal town called Forster so I’m all about community and I feel very comfortable here, there are so many talented creative people surrounding me  & I’m so blessed to have them as friends who motivate me and encourage my passion.
Any advice for emerging photographers?

If I have any advice, its never let your camera become a tool of work. It is your friend, your hobby and if you fall out of love with it, no matter how much money your being paid to shoot something, if your not passionate about it, your images will become affected.