Beautiful Dreamer








Shopbop Lookbook
Model Eniko Mihalik
Photographer Guy Aroch
Stylist Aya Kanai
Hair by Benoit Moeyaert | Makeup by Steven Canavan,
Art direction by Simon Lee
Wardrobe includes Candela, Joie, and Elizabeth and James. SHOP HERE.
via FGR.

I bet there were a few of you out there who breathed a sigh of relief when you saw Shopbops latest Beautiful Dreamer look book…

I can only speak for myself, but I have been a bit ‘block coloured’ out lately! Reading fashion mags has been like a confused sort of virtual stroll around the Tate modern rather than an enjoyable ‘fashion wishlist’ creating venture. Basically fashion has gone a bit wierd lately – sure if you live in the city you can pull off a primary red block colour seamless bomber jacket – but in Byron you’d look like an idiot.

But whether or not you’re over the gloriously über-wierd fashion that’s been doing the rounds of late (culprit #1 was Australian Fashion week, bless it’s little colour blocking socks!) this look book was a kind of oasis in the desert for me. I mean come on, can’t go past a little bit of boho-bop.