Coachella ’18

Images by Jamie Green and Mel Carrero

We’ve had a love affair with the festival since our teens, and of course were fortunate enough to have attended so many in our own backyard over the years. But none is the bigger landmark of festival than Coachella!

This year, Spelly decided she was going to finally do it after years of watching from afar { a belated  40th goal!} and some of our team attended to meet some babes on the ground.

We loved the amazing style on the scene this year, enjoyed some killer bands like Dreams {Daniel Johns + Luke Steel making an epic combo!!!}, Haim and of course Queen Bey, the most epic and probably a historical Coachella performance!

We thought it would be our last… but we kind of really want to be back next year!

Thanks to everyone who came up and said hello! Xx