Festival DIY Base Camp


We wanted to create the perfect place for you and your crew to chill at a festival – a sacred space to retreat to with your friends after you’ve been dancing to your fave bands all night long, and somewhere to get ready with the girls before heading in. We can’t imagine anything better than having a zen den smelling of incense and lit up with fairy lights and candles to escape to after being immersed in the sensory experience of the festival.

But like all our other DIY location set-ups, this is also super easy to do and uses fabrics and nic-nacks you can find at thrift stores, and in the instance of the pop up tent this is a must for camping enthusiasts like us and can be found at your local camping, hardware store or online on Gumtree.

Step 1

We used a marquee that we already had (from our market days!) and just took the removable canopy off. If you’re setting it up for a festival you’ll probably want to leave the roof on so if it rains you stay dry, but if you’re only setting it up for a party in the back yard, roof off is the way to go!

Step 2

Put a King or Queen sized 4 corner mosquito net over the entire frame, and tie it off at each corner. Our canopy already had ties attached as it would usually be hung above a bed, and we used white cotton string to gather the corners and attach it to the legs of marquee.

Step 3

Drape fabric along the walls to keep it cosy – use pieces of lace, repurposed fabrics, tapestries or curtains to make your space a little more intimate. I used lace found at op shops and attached it to the frame of the marquee using zip ties.

Step 4

Lay down rugs to create a floor – we used two hand blocked quilts from Hazel and Folk. Or Wandering Folk picnic rugs would also be perfect as they are waxed so won’t let moisture through and are easier to clean.

Step 5

Decorate your space to make it your own – we laid out some cushions, a wooden crate upturned as a table, lanterns, candles, flowers, an incense holder, and a mirror propped up to get ready with your besties before heading in!

xx Team Spell

DIY by Lucy Ewing / Pics by Mel Carrero / Film by Dom / Backyard thanks to Jatana Interiors


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Festival Base Camp DIY time lapse