Gypsy for a Day














Guest post by blogger Jana Kirn (FP Jana) of Free People.
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Photos taken by Kristina Boggs

At Free People, we really appreciate what Spell and The Gypsy Collective has going on. From their blog to their beautifully handcrafted products, the brand is dripping with inspiration. They capture the boho gypsy in a way that is fresh and unique by putting that special “Spell” touch on everything they do. Their look books are something I can always look forward to and are such a huge source of inspiration to me. Each one is done in such a way that I am left awestruck.

This weekend, I took a day trip out to two neighboring towns that are 45 minutes from Philly: New Hope and Lambertville. The Delaware River separates these two towns that are filled with quaint little boutique shops and antique stores. My favorite thing about this area is the old farmland that is scattered throughout. Philadelphia doesn’t really offer anything that is quite like this, so it’s nice to be able to hop in the car and drive to an area that is so different in landscape but still close by. The lay of this land really reminds me of the Spell aesthetic, so it felt right to bring along some of our favorite Spell products and mix in some Free People to play gypsy for a day.

Spell Product Pictured (Available at Free People): Stag Amulet Kimono, Dreamweaver Crossbody.

Free People Product Pictured: Matador Hat, Tropical Hard Bangle Set, Unchained Harem Pant, Anslie Ankle Boot.

NOTE FROM SPELL: We’re super excited to have designed some gorgeous new Dreamweaver bags exclusively for Free People.  Jana gives us a sneak-peek of the bags in this post, hand-made in rich Fall shades of olive, navy and maroon leather and featuring stunning new bone embellishments made for the first time in hand-carved black-as-night bull-horn and brass and silver beads. And… for those paying extra close attention I’m sure you also spotted our new tassel ‘Bull Skull and Paisley’ kimonos, also exclusive to Free People! They’ll all be available on Free People HERE Soon :) XX Lizzy