It’s quite wonderful knowing there are kindred spirits, little sisters in style and aesthetic, dotted around the world –  separated by huge oceans  but connected in inspiration by by this blogosphere.

I connected with the very gorgeous Hannah Lemholt over email when I discovered her blog Honeypie Living and then discovered Love Warriors. We’ve stayed in touch and I’ve loved watching the way she interprets our designs in her photography. She has the most wonderful way of making each and every Spell piece look ethereal.

Pictured above are some Spell pieces old and new; a few of the newer pieces that are still available are our Wolf Clan Cardi (re-stocking soon), Thunderstruck necklace, our Thunderstruck rings in brass and silver, Hanalei Shell tee, (and if you’re wondering where to get that epic Stay at Home Gypsy tee it’s by Buy Me Brunch and you can grab it here.)