Land of the Free

Photographer Davis Ayer (SHOP GALLERY HERE)
Model Lauryn Holmquist
Location: Somewhere on a road trip between Texas and L.A.

Lauryn and Davis contacted us with an idea. They were making the journey from Texas to LA and asked if we wanted to put together a little ‘wonderbox’ of Spell pieces for them to dip into should a spontaneous photo shoot opportunity present itself (as it so often does mid-road trip). When they stayed a while in a teepee in Marfa, Texas, such a moment arose!

We packed a bunch of our fave pieces, including one of our gorgeously soft suede Cowgirl Dreaming tassel vest, our Gypsy Love bells, a bunch of jewels, a Gypsy Sister kimono… (links below)

I really adore this shoot! It’s intimate, and vast, and dramatic and rough around the edges – the way we love our shoots. I can almost feel the cool desert air  on my skin, and the hint of cigarette smoke wafting from the hammock as we gaze at a setting Texan sun.

You can see the route they took below – what an epic journey!*

Featuring: Spell Gypsy Sister Kimono, Coachella Tassel Bag, Cowgirl Dreaming Suede Tassel Vest, Spell Rings, Spell Gypsy Love Bells, Thunderstruck Cuff & Buffalo Hunter & Warrior Girl Crucifix Necklaces.


* Note from Spell: A few of the shots above feature a traditional Native American head-dress. We’ve never published a photo of one of these head-dresses on our blog because we know it can be a very sensitive visual image for some, bringing up issues surrounding cultural appropriation. However on this occasion we have chosen to publish the images as we wanted to honour the photographer and his muse and the creative vision that they had.