Pony Gold

All artwork by Rachel ‘Raych’ Urquhart of Pony Gold blog.

We’ve followed Rachel ‘Raych’ (@raychponygold) on instagram ever since I re-posted one of her pics of a hand painted with tribal markings a year ago – and when I saw her interpretation of Matilda Price adorned in shells for our Desert Island shoot pop up in our insta-feed yesterday I was amazed! It was so awesome for us to see how one of our shoots could inspire such a beautiful work of art!

Rachel is fully self taught, and fondly attributes her creativity to her dad who works with wood, leather, metal and can make anything out of anything. She’s been drawing since she was really young but only over the past few years that she’s started applying real discipline to her craft.

We asked her a few Qs to share with you all:

Your 3 fave art books?
The art book that had the biggest influence on my style was definitely Off the Wall: Psychedelic Rock Posters from San Francisco. I treasure Curse of Lono by Hunter S Thompson/Ralph Steadman for combining my two great loves: wild words and art. And any nature/bird/natural history books, which are art in a different way, but probably the most important way.

Drawing tool of choice?
It’s an ongoing battle between mechanical pencils and 0.1 fineliners. Plus Posca pens and watercolour for colouring.

Your illustration inspired by our Desert Island shoot really touched our hearts – do you find a lot of inspiration in fashion shoots?
Thank you! I do, I regularly use fashion shoots/magazines for reference in drawing… Although, to be honest, I often try to obscure any obvious links, because there’s some unethical/vacuous aspects to fashion that I’m fundamentally opposed to. But when there’s people such as yourselves (Spell), and Alexandra Valenti, the girls at Sugarhigh + Lovestoned, Mara Hoffman, Heyoka Leather, just loads of creative people and their businesses with great aesthetics and values behind them, with a sense of wild, mystic, earthiness, I can’t help but be inspired by that calibre of work.

If you could thieve a masterpiece from any gallery in the world what would it be and why?
Oh, what a great question… there’s so many — and a lot aren’t ‘masterpieces’ yet, they’re contemporary artists… I’d love to chip a few past Miso (http://m-i-s-o.com/news/) pieces off the walls of Melbourne — her work is just perfect, balanced and clean. Or maybe a big James Jean or Anthony Lister piece — both their works look amazing on a big scale, and I’d probably just climb around on the canvas inspecting every miniscule detail, trying to work out how they do it.

You can check out Raych’s blog here and her tumblr here.