Safari Dreaming

Tallow | Spring 2012 ‘Journey’
Photographer Kane Skennar
Model Rose Ashton
Surfer Cloudy Rhodes

A few months ago Ali Mandalis, (friend, fellow Byron local & the designer genius behind Tallow) was visiting us at Spell HQ when she whispered in my ear ‘guess where we’re shooting our next range… Africa!’ Of course I was super jealous, but mainly I was just so eager to see the images they came back with! And boy did they deliver!!I love this gritty, raw shoot. I’ve been to Africa and one of the things I recall is that there’s something about the soil – the earth – that gets into your soul… it just touches you. When I saw these images it reminded me of that connection. The images of Rose sitting in the dirt is just what you do all the time in Africa – just connecting with the earth.

You can shop Tallow’s Spring collection HERE.