Spell Hits the West Coast!

With a host of new stockists taking bloom in WA, we don’t think we’d be out of line to say that WA is pretty hooked on Spell.

We’re so proud to be stocking in some absolutely gorgeous WA boutiques, especially as it’s particularly hard for our Spell customers to hop, skip and & jump over to our boutique in Byron to try on a necklace, a kimono or some Warrior boots (unless you don’t mind the odd red-eye Virgin Blue mission…)

Here are but a few of our fave WA stockists!!

All About Me, Denmark: As the weather turns cool and crisp, browsing the galleries & cute boutiques is all the go in Denmark. There are some gorgeous Spell pieces in All About Me – including our much sought after Pocahontas Warrior Boots (featured in this months Cleo!) and Kate Loves Glastonbury Singlets (which we here at Spell HQ have already sold out of!)

Baies, Mandurah: Baies boasts an impressive list of designer labels, the two were were most excited about are Gypsy 05 & Nicole Richie’s label Winter Kate. We’re so excited that they’ll be accessorising these gorgeous pieces with Spell! You can pick up a Pocahontas Princess Necklace worn by Sienna Miller or one of Spell’s new Texas Ivory Unisex Necklaces.

Recollections, Clairmont: We’re ALL about recycled designer clothes, which is what Recollections is known for. So we thought what a great way to showcase Spell. Such a gorgeous store! Check it out!

This Fine Day, Maylands: When we sent two of our limited edition Moss Green Kimonos over to This Fine Day we knew they’d be a hit – but we had no idea they’d sell in less than a week! Stay tuned, more kimonos will be arriving at This Fine Day soon!

For more info on our stockists check out our website at www.spelldesigns.com