Sugarhigh + Lovestoned SUMMER ’12

Sugarhigh + Lovestoned Summer 2012
Designers: Tami Snodgrass + Chloe Chippendale
Photographer: Amanda Smith
Models: Skye Senglemann, Chance Welton, Sarah Peinado, Brandon Michael Anderson
Styled by: Chloe Chippendale + Tami Snodgrass
Creative director: Chloe Chippendale + Tami Snodgrass
Jewelry + accessories by Torchlight + Heyoka
We sneak-peeked this Sugarhigh + Lovestoned lookbook a month ago, and we’re so excited to bring you an extended view of it here!
I love this shoot so much! It’s full of all of my favourite things (which, after seeing the sneak peek, now include white ponies)… Big love to Tami and Chloe, and congrats on a gorgeous Summer range!

Oh and check out more of the shoot with their gorgeous psychedelic-cowboy earth-goddess ritual-desert-party film by Reece Pottorff!