The Ice Queen

Photography Natalia Horinkova for Cielo Mag
Model Micaela @ Giant Management
Hair & Makeup Luciana Rose of Fox and Bambi
Stylist Angela Sterchele
Jewellery/Accessories Spell & The Gypsy Collective

Our sister Luciana is always calling us up asking us to send her pieces for different shoots she’s working on… it’s so exciting because you send a few things down and then a few months later you get to see what magic they created on the day!! I love the use of our chunky rings and Xanadu Warrior Chestplate wall-hanging in this shoot – so tribal and so ice-queen all at the same time!

But even more exciting is that a few weeks ago Luciana moved (from Melbourne) up here to Byron! So now she’s living around the corner from Spelly and I – and it won’t be long (hopefully!!) before we convince the whole family to move up here! hehe it’s a Byron conspiracy! But it means we’ll have a hair and makeup artist on tap, which means lots of fun blog posts hopefully!!