The Wanderers.



















Sybil Final





Photographer David Hauserman
Hair Wesley Mitton
Everybody’s assistant and all round nice guy Pete Rogers
Über Family – The Steeles (Taylor / Sybil / Milla / Jaiden)
Style and concept Sheree Commerford Captain and the Gypsy Kid

Super excited to bring you the next love-project installment from creative-bombshell Sheree C0mmerford of Captain and the Gypsy Kid. She embarked upon a couple of special shoots during her latest stint in Byron Bay, and between you and me, it seems any endeavor that the designer/stylist/blogger touches turns to gold… and then for this one, add Sybil Steele and her clan into the mix, not to mention Byron based photographer Dave Hauserman, and you got yourself an alchemist’s recipe for some bling’n gold.

There’s something magic about when you get a family together and shoot them like this… as long as you’re true to the family’s core essence, you’re always going to get gold. It could be a family who totally dig monster trucks, or Aussie Rules, or penguins for that matter – and as long as you shoot them in their element, there will always be an authenticity and joy that shines through. For the Steele’s that element was always going to be Travel+Surf+Style.

Sheree, you nailed it. Sybil, girl, you are simply stunning, as are your daughters. Taylor well done for hanging in there, am sure it wasn’t easy for you mate…

I’ve written many little posts where I sing Sybil’s praises, probably because we’ve collaborated with her for so many little projects along the way… and here I find myself, about to get on my ‘love this chick’ soap box once again ; ) It’s nice though because this time Sybil’s in front of the camera – like a gorgeous little Lucy-Liu bunny in the head-lights – and my gosh, if it weren’t for the fact she is SO good behind the camera, I’d be screaming it’s where she belongs! All you have to do is read the words by Taylor and Sheree on this lady (here) and you’ll be intrigued. She’s every paradox in the book and more… I feel lucky to have her in in my town, as are so many of us, because she is, at the very least, a total and constant source of inspiration.

But can I just say, seriously (and I said this at the end of our shoot The Sisterhood, also styled and conceptualized by Sheree) if you find time among all the many, many, endless tasks in our busy family lives, try to find the time to create a little shoot like this. For the ladies and kids, it’ll come so naturally, and for the men, (am sure Taylor can attest to this) it’ll be a long, painful day – but we’ll love you for it.