Voodoo Love.

Spell,photo shoot,voodoo necklaces

I promised I’d post the little video I shot last week when we did the In the Springtime of her Voodoo photo shoot. So here it is (below).

Someone asked us lately how we go about designing a range. When I thought about how we do things, I realised we do them a little backwards. For us the process of preparing a photo shoot acts as a concentrated think-tank. All of a sudden ideas and creations burst forth – new designs we never knew we had in us come to the surface and blossom before our eyes in the shoot.

All of a sudden we’re tying leather around a bulls head we once carved out of bone to make an on-the-spot DIY ring… tying strings of leather and fur together to make a glorified feather cravat… (Spelly creates the most marvelously wonderful things on the inertia of a shoot – you probably remember the forked dream catcher staff we used in our Warrior Princess Shoot – that was her.)

But like I said – it’s backward… I think the way you’re supposed to do it is design first – photo shoot second – sell the product third… Haha… Oh well – here’s to inspiration and keeping it flowing!

Borrowed this wicked little track from Ben Birchall’s Year of the Monkey EP. (Thanks Benj!!)
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