White Dress. White Bag. White Wall.

Purse n boots spell bag


Purse n boots


Purse n boots


Purse n boots

It isn’t hard to spot a small detail on a blog when you stalk the hell out of the blog every day! (Lucky for us there’s no law against stalking a blog).

Was chuffed to see Ashley from Purse ‘n Boots (who is pretty much our all time fave personal style blogger) with one of our Bone Tassel bags.

I started keeping a folder of my fave P’nB outfits so I could post a ‘best-of’ – but it’s too hard. There’s too effing many.

Oh and I’ve discovered so many GORGEOUS new blogs through people entering our Guest Blogger Comp – and regardless of a winner I’m going to post a whole lot up! Comp deets here.

Our Spell Bone Tassel Bags available here.