She & Mr Dean.

Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

Photographer Ryan Olde
Model Genessa Lynn
Via the recently launched She & Mr Dean website.
Skirt and perfume bottle necklace by Spell | Tee by Sugarhigh + Lovestoned | Watch Pandeia | Robe Spell Sister | Ring Stag Amulet

I love the shoot above… I don’t know this part of America but for some reason I think of the woods where they found Laura Palmer… Lots of fallen leaves, frosty mornings and haunting mist…I love seeing our Castaway skirt flowing in these foreign surroundings.

I’ve always loved the cinematic drama and romantic notions surrounding the relationship between artist and muse (perhaps ever since I saw Factory Girl)… so I was particularly intrigued by the collaborative relationship between @genessalynn (stylist, model & muse) and @ryanolde (hair stylist, photographer, designer) and the creations they shared on instagram… By chance, almost in answer to my growing intrigue, this week they launched their web/blog She & Mr Dean. Check it out – it’s a smorgasbord of visual delights from fashion, art, music, photography – all with the slightly darker Genessa Lynn/Ryanold edge we’ve come to expect from their instagram musings.

Their website is teasingly ambiguous so I dug a little deeper:

Tell us about the photographer/muse collaboration between the two of you… we’re intrigued!
Genessa: My fiancé “Ryan” and I both grew up with a creative lifestyle. Both being hair stylists and image consultants, it was only a matter of time that we put our talents together to create our own photo/styling team “She & Mr. Dean”. With Ryan having a background in graphic design and film, he’s always taken pictures of me to model for his creative Instagram edits. It just made sense for us start collaborating with designers. After building a decent following on Instagram, we thought it might be a great idea to reach out to collaborate  with companies that wanted to build a better social media fan base. “She and Mr. Dean” is also the name of our business providing styling, modelling, photography, Look books…and everything in between!

Your new website She & Mr Dean is so cryptic!! Who is Mr Dean?! And where did the name come from?
Mr. Dean is Mr. Ryan Olde himself. “She” is me (obviously.) The first house we moved into together is on Dean st. in West Chester, PA. it’s where everything started for us so we felt it appropriate to name our company/website after this magical place :)

Tell us about shoot day?
Our 1st shoot for spell was def. story book inspired. We wanted to give it a backwoods feel. It was was a random warm and humid day with a ton of fog! As soon as we checked the weather we booked it to a spot we had been scoping out for weeks and the photos came out exactly how we pictured them! magical day. The 2nd shoot was very David Lynch “twin peaks” inspired. We’ve always loved creepy films growing up. The moods and lighting in movies like “Suspiria” always tickled our fancy.

Your personal style in a heart beat?
Genessa: I would describe my personal style as Bohemian/60’s beatnik/rock n roll. Creative, feminine and a little dramatic all rolled into one.

Your dream shoot?
Ryan: Our dream shoot would be in London. Genessa would be sitting/laying on the 10th story window ledge barefoot of an old Art Deco-inspired building wearing a killer dress while I shoot her from the street or from a crane.