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Lulu’s DIY Home Office Nook

It’s the first time I’ve experienced working from home and while it does have it’s perks (I ate a homemade burger and put my washing out on my lunch break…!), I’ve definitely come across some challenges. For me, living with housemates means that it’s not ideal to be set up on our dining table, and whilst sitting on the couch was fun for the first few days it’s not exactly ergonomic at the best of times. So I decided it was time to carve out a little nook at home for me to drop into work mode. 

I live in a 70’s shack in Byron Bay, which sounds super dreamy (and it is) but it has some quirky characteristics, like the patched up fireplace in the kitchen, blue carpet in the bedrooms, single powerpoint in each room (not kidding, and they are halfway up the walls!) and oddly shaped rooms…. But in this instance the long skinny room I’ve turned into my walk in wardrobe was also the perfect space to transform into an at home office (and proves you don’t need much space at all!).

So using what I had around the house, mixed in with some marketplace finds and a few new products from some of our favourite local brands, I was able to completely transform my space into somewhere I’m excited to spend my days. I hope this inspires you to freshen up your desk space – even it’s a not a whole makeover, a little clean, adding a fresh plant and a pop of colour might be exactly what you need. 

Lulu xx