‘Fairy-lit Palm Tree’ :: DIY.


DIY Fairy-lit Palm Tree.

When you live in the land of the perpetual Pandanus tree, its nice to look a little further beyond the pale when it comes to December 1st and putting up a tree. We worked with our friends at Nikau (who, when it comes to flower arrangements and the like, don’t do anything traditionally – so it only stands to reason they’d want to break a few traditions with the tree!) to dream up something special to mark this festive time of year!

And when it comes to decorating we wanted to use found objects, and stay away from store bought items that might contain plastic. Nothing like some gorgeous shells, (or perhaps pine cones, little pieces of driftwood or feathers collected over the year) to bring in that natural outside, inside! I think it turned out pretty darn pretty!

Here’s our how to…

DIY Fairy-lit Palm Tree, step by step.

1 – Forage some beautiful Palm Leaves🌿 Any kind will work!

2 – Find a pot! We used this.

3 – Find a backing for your leaves to be held up by, we used this!

4 – Place the metal backing into the post & secure with rope

5 – Fill the pot with chicken wire

6 – Start placing your foraged palm leaves into the chicken wire, starting with the bigger leaves to create your base & work your way up!

7 – Secure the leaves with rope to the metal backing

8 – Trim leaves to create desired shape

9 – Wrap the tree in fairy lights!✨

10 – Create your own sea shell tinsel or ornaments🐚 We simply drilled little holes in shells & tied onto twine!

11 – Decorate the tree with your shells

12 – Place your star on top! We found a Dune Grass Tumbleweed & spray painted it white ❄️

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A huge thank you to Nikki from Nikau Store,
the lady behind so many of our favourite Spell arrangements.

Congratulations @withthewildlings
for winning our #SpellDIY