Desert Rose

Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

Photography Erik Tranberg
Model Lauryn Holmquist
Lauryn wears clothes by XX and jewels by Spell

One of my favourite places in America was New Mexico, specifically Albuquerque. I visited there some years ago and was lucky to stay with an old friend of my parents. He took me to visit the Reservations where I met many beautiful and warm families there who took me into their homes and taught me about their indigenous culture. So I was excited when photographer Erik Tranberg, who lives in Albuquerque (although was born and raised in NY) sent me these photos featuring Lauryn Holmquist in our pieces, because it was just as I remembered it.

Albuquerque is actually over 5000ft above sea level so you can verge on getting altitude sickness which is full on, but the up side is that the sky seems unnaturally blue, and the sunsets unnaturally bright and golden. It’s so beautiful.

Lauryn Holmquist is so radiant in this shoot – and rocks out that chunky Spell cuff and rings like nobody else… kind of soft and glowing in some shots, and foxy and dangerous in her skeleton tee in others.

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