Dream in Colour


Billabong Summer
Featuring Zippora Seven & Sara Ruba 

We’re huge fans of Zippy so were stoked to send darling friend and photographer Sybil Steele off to Hawaii to shoot the new Billabong campaign with a bunch of our jewels!
Watching this film was like playing ‘Spot the Spell’ – it was beautiful to see our pieces in there amongst so much fun and colour and joy, just the life we intended for them!

This is what Billabong had to say about the campaign:

“WE DREAM IN COLOUR. BIG BOLD COLOUR. Bright vivid splashes of ocean blue and sunset pinks. Neon hits of orange and yellow wake us from the monotony of Winter and throw us straight into the beating heart of Summer. It’s here we remember what it is to soak our painted toes in the sand, reeling from warmth of the golden sun, feeling what it is to be free. We duck dive into a life less ordinary and celebrate the salt on our tongues and the wax under our nails. Welcome to our world, it’s colour bound chaos and we couldn’t be happier.”

We hear you!