Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell SpellSpell Spell Spell Spell
Photography Bryan Rodner Carr & Francis Kmiecik
Models Kylie Cusick & Caroline Pires
Makeup Deb Chung
Hair Trace Henningsen
Styling Kayti O’Connell & Kelsey Tudor
What is it about this Desolation Row-esque landscape that I love so much? I’m not sure but I think it reminds me of Lost in Space, or Space Odyssey 2001… Like no human walked there before these two beauties.
Loved spotting so much Spell in this shoot, our suede Cowgirl Dreaming tassel shorts, Naskapi Leggings, Hanalei Shell skirt – but it was even more exciting to be featured alongside fellow lady-loves Sugarhigh Lovestoned  & Pandeia.