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Exclusive to Spell:

It was a typical Pacific Northwest rainy late spring afternoon when a couple of Portland chicks headed out in an old orange VW van with no speedometer, zero on the power steering and only one side mirror. 
We drank road+mimosas and blared Bob Dylan as we winded down the highway along the wild Clackamas River and through the majestic Cascade Mountains. Fog was rolling over the hills and the wild flowers were vibrant. 
The sky was grey, but our hopes for a brighter summer did not waiver. We hoped to usher in the summer sunshine with our tie-dye bells, golden suede fringe vests, crochet onesies, thigh highs and golden eye jewels. The clouds broke, the rain subsided, and it appeared to be that our calls to sun gods had been answered.


Photos by: Amanda Smith
Styling by Tami Snodgrass of Sugarhigh+Lovestoned
Hair/MUA: Danielle Solis
Models: Mariah Makalapua & Alexis Montoya
Clothing: Backstage Bells – Cobalt, Desert Drugs slouchy tee and Moon Child slouchy tee by Sugarhigh+Lovestoned, crochet onesie by LUX for Urban Outfitters, the rest is vintage
Jewelry by: Medicine & Headdress
All photos are shot with a 1960’s Olympus 35mm film camera using hand-held SFX prism filters.