What Happens in Rio…

Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

Free People May Catalogue
Photographer Guy Aroch
Models Sheila Marquez, Michele Ouellet and Britt Maren
Hair by Amy Farid | Makeup by Deanna Hagan
Spell Sighting: Spotted our Dark Side of the Moon Turquoise necklace.

I know this experience all too well… You’re broken hearted, the world has fallen out from under you and your inner strength is gone… the only thing that brings you back from the edge is your girlfriends. Post breakup, there’s nothing quite like heading off on a trip with the chicks to help you find that little spark of joy and self-love again.

I loved how Free People captured this beautifully ‘female’ experience in their first ever ‘look book’ film ‘Roshambo: Rock‘.

And yep, if you think you spotted our Dark Side of the Moon Turquoise necklace in the lookbook you’d be right! It’s will be available at Free People shortly…