Spell Spell SpellSpell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell
model: Lauryn Holmquist
styled by: Chloe Chippendale
all clothing by Sugarhigh + Lovestoned
jewelry by Heyoka + Torchlight
Horned Leather Shaman neck piece by Rima Hyena
accessories from Laced with Romance, Austin TX
As a designer, one can only dream of a time when you might get to do shoot with with photographer Alexandra Valenti… and for the lucky little bitches of Sugarhigh & Lovestoned that time has come!!
These girls are like sisters from a far off place, and we’re connected by not much other than a deeply and mutually shared aesthetic (we can’t stop sending each other little gifts of mutual admiration!) And this shoot pretty much sums it up – it’s dark, it’s off kilter, spontaneous beyond imagination, full of movement and joy. It’s what photo shoots are all about. Congrats girls… We are totally love-stoned!!!