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Spell ‘Gypsiana’ Collection morning with our entire team.
Offsite at local bar turned breakfast-haunt La La Land

A few weeks ago, just before Gypsiana launched, we got the whole team together to share the new collection with everyone.  After months and months of designing and sampling, fittings and shooting there is this real sense of pride from within our design team when we share the collection with everyone like this! Prints we’ve toiled over, and shapes that we drew, made toiles for, sampled, then quarrelled over, then finally agreed upon have come to life and are sitting on a rack!

We asked everyone to come dressed in their fave Spell (which is why everyone is decked in Spell – which kind of happens a lot in the office, but not to this extent!), and we all shared muffins and juices and watched the Gypsiana film, and Olivia (wearing our Gypsiana Maxi dress in pepper) and Lily (the usually 90s inspired pocket rocket above wearing our Ophelia blouse) took us through the collection, and showed us the inspiration behind the different stories.

Oh and ps. Be sure to follow us on snapchat @spell_byronbay for little glimpses into meetings like these! I’ve become infamous for following everyone’s moves on snapchat lately much to the frustration of everyone… sorry guys!!

xx Lizzy

➳ ➳ ➳

In my first week at Spell we got invited to a product morning to preview the pieces from our mid year collections. How exciting! It was also amazing to see all of the girls who work for Spell in the one spot- we don’t see each other that often, believe it or not, the girls at the boutique and studio are in separate places so its nice to get together!

I found the girls chatting about each story behind each piece so interesting. The design process is not just about creativity and what Spell is “into” right now, but a whole process behind creating the fabrics, choosing the fit that will make our customers feel the best in.

These get togethers are also great because you get to see how everyone is styling up their fave Spell pieces too, and catch up like a little family reunion!

xx Mel Carrero