Pre-Loved Market ~ Byron Bay
Every Spell piece has its own story, from its very own journey….

This year we celebrated Second Hand September by hosting our very own Pre-Loved Market in our Cactus Courtyard at our Byron Bay Store. Our cherished Curators set up their stalls full of Spell unicorns {both old and new ~ we spied some pieces that were released over a decade ago!}. We watched as a parade of people flowed through the space adorned in their very own Spell treasures, bound by a shared purpose: to build their #vintagespell collection. Laughter and stories were shared, with old and new friendships forming, as well-loved prints embarked on their next chapter, finding new homes where they'd be worn over and over again.

Our brand began as a market stall in Byron Bay, with the same principles of community, circularity, and storytelling intricately interwoven into the very essence of our journey… We cannot wait to see where our Pre-Loved Market will take us next.