Pursue Your Passion

Pursue Your Passion by the Holistic Project.
February 28th // 2.30pm-6.30pm

Bangalow Shire, NSW

Do you have a burning idea that goes to bed with you each night and is still by your side when you wake in the morning? Do you get high on that feeling of alignment when you’re doing the one thing you love doing, so much so you just want to do it all the time? 6 or so years ago this was me. But even worse, I didn’t even know what that ‘thing’ was… I just knew my job in Sydney wasn’t satisfying the burning need inside me to create. (The picture above is of me in the sunroom of my Bondi apartment 7 years ago, I’d turned it into a painting studio filled with inspiration and colour, but still I needed more… something was calling me).

I’ve heard people talk about ‘the call of the wild’ – the call from deep inside to abandon all things concrete and return to nature… well for me it wasn’t the call of the wild, it was “the call to create”.  A relentlessly badgering feeling, or idea, that catapulted me up to Byron and into my current life as one half of Spell.

Recently, I was approached by the lovely folk at The Holistic Project to share my journey at “Pursue Your Passion” – an event that aims to inspire women to pursue their creative, entrepreneurial or career aspirations – their “soul callings”.

The ever inspiring ladies behind The Holistic Project are two friends, fellow mums, big dreamers and entrepreneurs. When they explained the event, and who it was aimed at (me, 6 years ago!!) I couldn’t say no. Because 6 years ago, I would have given my left foot, right hand and all my turquoise jewellery to have been able to attend such an event.

I always find that when making big life changes, or searching for the impetus to change, all that’s needed is a very small moment where the light is turned on, and you see everything clearly. The light could go off only moments later, but you’ve already had the vision. So you’re ready to go, with all the information you need for change. Events like this can turn the light on. For that tiny moment.

So if you’re around February 28th, (or if you’re not around, jump in a car with your girlfriends and head to Byron!) and join me, along with TV personality Shelley Craft as MC, business coach Lisa Fitzpatrick, and Essence of Living owner and yogi Michelle Merrifield for a day packed with motivating musings, inspirational stories, transformational tools and inner reflection time.