Series One: Spell Summer School
Welcome to Spell Summer School: where creativity weaves connection ~ detaching from the everyday for self expression, in our perpetual state of mind… always following our imagination and the sun. Today we start our first series in London ~ a moment to create and connect with new like minded friends.

Connecting through creative expression, our workshop began with our guests creating their very own flower arrangement guided and inspired by Jess Blume. We were taught about the importance of colour, height and combination. With an overwhelming array of beautiful British florals just waiting to be arranged, we loved seeing everyone’s unique creations and talents.

Lunch was served in the rustic country garden at The Buttery. Our guests perfectly filled the seats draped in our latest collections, showing off florals and crochet whilst creating meaningful conversations.

Our second workshop of the day was hosted by Lucy from the Iota Edit. Delving into our creative soul, we decorated ceramic fruits hand crafted by Paul Molloy ~ each apple and pear forming its very own personality. The ceramics will be glazed and fired, and returned to us to find the perfect place to display at home.

Follow along as we connect + create around the globe.

Photography Amanda Lee Tromp
Coordination By Leila Godfrey
Guest List ASC
Venue The Buttery 
Flowers Jess Blume
Ceramics Iota