Festival Looks ☆ Get your glitter on!

Festival Hair & Makeup with Luciana Rose
Muse Olive Cooke
Film by Dom Sullivan
Images Mel Carrero

LOOK 1 – We call this look “BINDI’S & SPACE BUNS” ☆
We were inspired by a 90’s Gwen Stefani and a pop of red in the bindis that matched our Lolita Cut Out Maxi perfectly!

What you’ll need: Becca makeup / Glo Tatts / Curling Wand (we used Beachwaver) / Kevin Murphy
Step 1 – Do your makeup base as you normally would – primer, foundation, bronzer/blush (Luciana used Becca makeup).
Step 2 – Starting above the eyes, use your diamantes to create a pattern going across your eyebrows.
Step 3 – Luciana used a minimal amount of paw paw to make sure glitter (she used Glo Tatts biodegradable glitter) stayed under Olive’s eyes. Then she placed more diamantes underneath her eyes.
Step 4 – Do your eyeshadow, mascara and eyebrows as usual (she did a smokey bronze), keeping glitter away from the eyes!
Step 5 – Starting the hair, she used a Beachwaver to create soft curls
Step 6 – Part the hair down the middle and put two ponytails either side of the head using half the hair.
Step 7 – Tease the ponytails and create two buns – spray them to hold the curls and buns in place (Luciana used Kevin Murphy products).

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Luciana was inspired by some looks she saw at festivals last year – a cosmic lover – we went with neutrals mixed with gold and silver – perfect with our luxe lace Peaches Sundress.

What you’ll need: Paw-Paw cream or Hair Spray / Becca makeup / Glo Tatts biodegradable glitter.

STEP 1 – Braid the hair – just two inverted braids either side.
STEP 2 – Pop paw paw or hairspray down the middle of your part, then sprinkle glitter down it.
STEP 3  – Begin makeup, as above do your base as you normally would. Luciana used a basic contouring look as the base and a neutral eye shadow.
STEP 4 – Using paw paw or vaseline, pat glitter above the brows going halfway up the forehead. Add stars!

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