Artist Spotlight: Daniella Jones
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We were beyond excited to catch up with the incredibly talented Daniella Jones on what drives her creative process and her journey as an artist.

What inspires you to become an artist and how did your journey begin?
I’ve been painting since I can remember and always gave my family and friends paintings as gifts - not sure that they were quite as excited back then as they would be now. I then started posting on Instagram, what I was doing, like photos of me and my friends and my paintings, and then people started to show interest in my work.

Can you describe your artistic work and techniques you use?
I don’t like to define my work, but I like to think it’s recognisable and romantic with grounded colours. I like to make my paintings with a vintage look to them and a bit of cubism.

What themes or subjects do you often explore in your work?
Romance, heartbreak, friendship and the different kind of emotions that one can have.

How do you approach the creative process from concept to completion?
It varies a lot as I sometimes work on ten different paintings at once - while one is drying, I’m continuing with another. Often, I find that I stop the painting before I thought it would be finished but somehow it has a look to it that I love.

Can you tell us about a specific piece of the artwork that holds special significance to you, and why?
Small self portraits of my grandparents that I have painted hold a special place in my heart as they honour the support that they have always shown for me.. Also, my big self-portrait - I will keep this until I’m older, I think self-portraits can be fun to look back on, like how you portrayed yourself.

What role does fashion and what you wear play into your artistry?
I love colours, and my personal style {including my big earrings} - they often make their way into my paintings as representations of myself. The way I dress is an extension of my creative expression and often influences the themes and aesthetics of my work.

Are there any challenges or obstacles you face as an artist, and how do you overcome them?
I get extremely frustrated when I don’t have the motivation or inspiration to begin a painting. Most of the time it helps if I just start to paint a little and the motivation will appear. But it doesn’t happen a lot - I paint every day. It’s a must for me…almost.

Do you have any rituals or routines that help you get into the creative mindset?
I watch documentaries about old painters - that helps me a lot to get into my paintings.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artist who are just starting their journey?
Paint as much as you can, even a little bit every day and use your social media to show your work but the most important thing is to believe in your practise.