Guest Blogger: Southern Belle

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Guest Blogger | Dylana Suarez
Wearing our Desert Wanderer Mini & Prairie Girl off-the-shoulder blouse 
I’ve always wondered what it felt like to be a real Southern Belle. I might not be considered a lady of society or take on the dress of antebellum fashion (corsets, hoop skirts, gloves, etc.), but with the southwestern sun shining down on me from all angles during my trip to Austin, Texas, I felt deep in my bones that I can be just about anything I want to be! Let me just imagine myself to be a modern day, Austin, TX version of Scarlet O’Hara from Gone With The Wind. You guys are cool with that right?
I’ve gotten so used to the NYC winter bite that the warm of Texas hit me in a wave of shock almost. It felt weird to not bundle up in 5 layers in the hopes of not getting frost bite. But by the time my trip was over, I almost forgot that I even lived in NYC. Austin! Why would anyone ever want to leave? The open roads, a spirited and bouncing tumbleweed here and there maybe, a long-haired man playing his guitar in ripped jeans and rugged boots on the street corner singing his heart out to anything and everything . . . the feeling that maybe basic is far more better. Where tacos are fuel and beauty is found in the sun.
Vitamin D melting into my bared shoulders, a new freckle or two, a limitless day of unplanned rendezvous. That is what Austin feels like. Makes me want to take on a new character (is this the Southern Belle in me talking???).
So here I am, basking in the sun like all the belle’s in history’s most wonderful romance novels. Waiting for someone to sweep me off my feet, waiting for something exciting to happy, or maybe just feeling happy to have things exactly the way they are with the sun coming down on me as if I was the only one it hit. Now that sounds just about right.
We’ve loved following Dylana’s SXSW Festival Journey the past few weeks, it’s a refreshing change from the winter heavy NYC posts – although we appreciate the hell out of those as well, considering we never get to layer quite like she does (being from sunny Byron Bay). Jump onto Dylana's blog for your ‘bohemian babe in the city’ outfit inspiration. We love you Dylana! xx Spell Team