Five Floral Arranging Tips
It’s no secret we love a good floral arrangement ~ if you were to walk through our Byron Bay store or HQ you will find an abundance of florals decorating our space {from fresh to dried, flowers to foliage}. We spoke with grower-arranger-appreciator of flowers, Jess Blume, who styled the florals for our Series One: Spell Summer School about her tips and tricks on arranging your perfect bunch.

1. Think about your vessel
Sometimes a single stem in a more unusual vase is all you need! One-off ceramic pieces, a bold shape or colour, and vintage cut glass are a favourite. 

2. Choose flowers from an independent retailer
Flower shops will often let you buy per stem so you don’t need to buy a big bunch and can tailor your stems specifically to your home and vases. Seek out locally grown blooms if you can ~ these will elevate your arrangements naturally as they will have more shapes, scents and colours in comparison to imported flowers grown on a commercial scale, often stripped of any scent with straight stems and uniform petals. 

3. Think about scent 
Some really perfumed roses may work well in a bedroom but less so as a dinner companion. Using flowering herbs such as mint and oregano decoratively works beautifully.  

4. Don’t panic if you don’t have a lot of flowers 
In fact, even if you have none, get creative ~ seasonal fruit and vegetables , hedgerow foliage and grasses make for equally beautiful designs. 

5. Invest in some good florist scissors and a flower frog
There are inexpensive ones available from most florist wholesalers online and it’s really worth it. 

Happy arranging!