Giving your breezy Summer gowns year round purpose

A few key basics and those breezy summer gowns find year-round purpose.

Summer? You’re set. You’ve got a wardrobe filled with stunning, throw-on-and-go dresses and floaty skirts ready for the day’s adventures. Walking out the door in gorgeous summery patterns will lift anyone’s mood, so it’s always a shame to pack up all our Spell maxi’s come winter and be forced to embrace bulkier pieces because the weather’s cooled.

We love denim, but there are some days where you just want to brighten up a chilly morning, and our summer wardrobes can actually be the way to do this, can you believe. All it takes is a little crafty styling and investing in a few key items to take those dresses and skirts out of storage and back into high rotation.

1. Layer up with high-necks

One of the easiest ways to turn strappy summer dresses into winter must-haves is with classic 90s staple, the skivvy. No longer just for The Wiggles or Steve Jobs, skivvies are back, especially as a layering item. Pick one up in a neutral (black, oatmeal, dusty rose and mustard are our favourite hues for layering) and pop it under your maxi and midi dresses to stay warm while still showing off those prints you love.

2. Choose knee-high or higher when it comes to boots

Ankle boots are always useful, but to stay warm under skirts and dresses, the higher the boot the better. Knee-high and thigh-high boots are way more versatile than you might think, working with both minis and maxis to make them winter-appropriate. Keep it Stevie Nicks style by pairing some brown suede boots with a swishy maxi and a floaty blouse. Throw on an Afghan coat and you’re set for Woodstock (or just brunch).

3. Chunky knits work hard

Incredibly useful in a bohemian wardrobe, the humble chunky knit is a great way to embrace laid-back style in winter. They look equally as great thrown over a maxi or midi dress as they do layered over your cute silky camisoles and vintage band tees tucked into boho skirts. Best of all, a chunky knit is a trans-seasonal lifesaver, where it’s cooler in the mornings and evenings but warm enough to go sleeveless during the day. Cream and earth tones are the most versatile with summery colours, we find.

4. Make your outerwear part of your outfit

Winter is actually one of the best seasons for bohemian fashion lovers, and that’s because there is no shortage of incredible vintage-style coats. Instead of seeing outerwear as something you throw on top of your actual look for the day, see it as part of the overall outfit - that way, you can get more use out of summery items in your wardrobe, since they’ll peek through the much warmer coat that you keep on indoors. This trick works best with maxi dresses - team yours with a ¾ length coat and some heeled brown boots. Almost as walk-out-the-door easy as your maxi dresses are during summer. As the weather slowly warms in spring, but doesn’t quite reach no-jacket levels, pick up a vest or sleeveless coat. These sit really nicely over long-sleeved bohemian dresses and add warmth where we usually need it most - on our chests and backs. Embrace your inner cowboy with brown suede or for extra cosiness, trawl the vintage stores for a shearling sleeveless style.