How To Wear This Season’s Best Trend, ‘Barbiecore’


Barbiecore is officially the biggest trend of 2022 and it’s only going to get hotter as we head into a new season. A mish-mash of our obsession with the upcoming Greta Gerwig-helmed Barbie movie and the 2000s fashion renaissance, Barbiecore is the joy of playing dress-up with your dolls all over again, except this time it’s on yourself.

Yes, this means pink is the colour to invest in right now, whether you’re a pastel fan, lover of bubblegum or want to go with the classic Barbie hue of magenta. Flattering on everyone (no, seriously!), we’re really here for the resurgence of pink in fashion.

But Barbiecore goes beyond just wearing pink. Here are our top tips on incorporating this doll-style dressing into your personal style.


1. Think of Barbiecore as an aesthetic, not just a fashion trend

Central to the Barbiecore look is thinking of the whole aesthetic, not just the clothing part.

So, say you’re throwing on some pink cowboy boots – embrace the whole Western theme and team them with a flirty prairie dress, cascading curls or cute pigtails, and glossy lips. Hey, get really thematic and throw on a white cowboy hat, too. Why not! Just like you would think about shoes, accessories and finishing touches when playing dolls, do the same with your outfits and you’re nailing Barbiecore.


2. Pull it all together

Matchy-matchy? 100 per cent cool now. Sync your shoes to your bag to your earrings – just like Barbie would.

This is also totally the time to revive that hot pink lipstick, by the way. Remember when we would run screaming at the thought of matching our makeup colours to our outfits? Yeah, that’s not a thing with Barbiecore, in fact, lippy-matching is very much The Vibe.


3. Work with a theme

Everyone has seen the photos of Margot Robbie roller-blading on the Barbie movie set, wearing a fluoro leotard over hot pink bike shorts. One of the most enjoyable elements of Barbiecore is how themed it is – Barbie always worked with themes. 

Channel your inner Malibu Barbie and wear crochet over a pink bikini, then pair with platform sandals and heart-shaped sunglasses! Embrace 70s roller-rink style in a playsuit and flirty ponytail! This is a maximalist fashion lover’s dream trend because you can’t really get more over-the-top than Barbie was.


4. Pink, pink, pink!

Okay so like we said, pink is the colour of the season and central to Barbiecore style. You can wear as much or as little as you like, but the most Barbiecore of looks is a pink outfit, but if you feel like head-to-toe pink is too much for you, team your fit with 90s/2000s accessories like metallic shoulder bags, white boots or heels, and gold. Another way to avoid feeling too monochromatic is to mix it up with textures – suede boots with crochet, patent leather with lycra, and so on.


5. Have fun with it

What we really love about Barbiecore style is that it’s fun. It’s so fun! It’s a welcome return to the joy of getting dressed up, and really embodies the classic Aqua line “come on Barbie, let’s go party”.

So don’t be afraid to really lean in – add more accessories, wear those oversized hoops or the sky-high patent pink platforms. Think of yourself as your own human doll you get to style every day, and you can’t miss!