Six Fragrance That Will Tap Into Your Inner ‘70s Wild Child

Fragrance can do so many things. It can transport you to another time, remind you of special people in your life, and embody you with a particular kind of energy. Spritz on a sexy scent and you’ll feel your confidence swell, mist a fresh fragrance of a morning and instantly feel that lift. That’s why, if you’re like us and obsessed with all things 1970s, you should consider a fragrance that’ll really take you to those free-wheeling days of love and adventure.

The ‘70s were a period of freedom and experimentation for many, especially those firmly entrenched in the bohemian lifestyle. As someone who can totally see herself following bands cross-country and embracing commune living, I’ve long wanted to feel some connection to the decade that started it all. Fragrance has definitely helped with that, and as an ex-beauty editor, I’ve tried a lot. Here are my top six scents for spritzing when you want to feel like a mysterious, bohemian groupie.

There’s a reason Gypsy Water has over 200 positive ratings on Mecca - it’s the perfect everyday scent, but with a slight air of mystery thanks to notes like incense and sandalwood. However, the juniper berries, vanilla and fresh lemon lift what could have been a heavy perfume, giving it a lightness that makes it super wearable. 

When your perfume’s description says “1969, an erotic year”, you know what you’re in for. This is an undeniably sensual scent, full of weighty notes like peach, cardamom, clove and coffee. It’s definitely more of an evening perfume, but not completely off the table for daytime use - just expect heads to turn, this one is very sexy.

Another rich scent that uses cardamom, Marrakech was inspired by the vibrant streets of its namesake city, filled with spice and grounded in an earthiness thanks to sandalwood. It’s strong, it’s raw, and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Inspired by travels to India, while this perfume oil is named sage, it actually relies on herbal notes coriander and peppermint, crushed with pink pepper, patchouli, sandalwood, musk and tonka bean, to name a few. The result is a lived-in, carefree perfume that lingers on the skin. 

Though technically inspired by the 1960s, this fragrance still captures the essence of the ‘70s via notes of bergamot, pink peppercorns, and musky ambrettolide. It’s a more floral option for anyone who loves an ultra-feminine fragrance, with the musky base notes giving it longevity.

Technically not a fragrance, but a ‘fragrance enhancer’, I like to wear I Don’t Know What solo and let it’s intriguing non-scent work its magic. Essentially, this perfume has been designed to enhance other fragrances, giving them a new feel on each individual. However, when worn alone it has an almost confusing, but intoxicating feel. It’s a bit green thanks to vetiver acetate, a bit spicy/floral thanks to bergamot, and a bit woody. Truly unique and super interesting.

Words by Melissa Mason. 

Melissa is a freelance writer and podcast host. You can find her on Twitter  and Instagram.