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Tell us about your experience living on the road

I’ve never felt so open and free in my life, and it’s amazing what starts to happen when you are living so in flow. I feel like life started to dance through me and became a string of synchronistic and serendipitous moments. 

My intention was to travel the East Coast of Australia between Byron and Bateman’s Bay solo for 5 weeks, but a few friends came and met me at different points of the trip (which ended up being perfect). I had around 2-3 weeks by myself, but I found I was never alone! I kept attracting the most amazing people into my life and was so blown away by the generosity of strangers. From the countless shared meals and surfs, an installed water tap on the side of the road, someone fixing my broken drawers, offers of free accommodation/showers/laundry facilities, sharing local knowledge, and just the kindness and compassion of everyone I met! A life motto I have been living into is “No strangers, only friends I haven’t met yet” and I really felt this became my reality on my trip. 

Now I am back in routine, I’m doing everything I can to embody this feeling and bring elements of life on the road home with me. One thing I have really been practicing (and it is that, a practice!) is being fully present with whatever task I am doing. I love cooking, but enjoyed this even more while in the van because I would give myself completely to the task – without the pressure of needing to be anywhere, or being distracted by my phone or computer. 

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You are an Eco Warrior around Spell HQ and we know you aim to #walkalittlelighter in everything you do. How did you manage this on the road? 

I tried to live as plastic free as possible while on my trip – I have been reducing plastic use across all areas of my life for many years now, so had similar habits on the road to what I do at home. I think that preparation is key to not giving into the convenience of plastic, so made sure the van was stocked with the essentials and packed my reusable containers, jars, beeswax wraps, metal razor, water bottle, keep cup, etc. 

Whilst travelling I would find out when local farmers markets were on to buy package free fruit and veg (so important in lowering food emissions too), and stock up my pantry staples whenever I spotted a bulk food store. 

I think once you remove the pressure of trying to be perfect and just do the best you can then it feels effortless. 

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We are obsessing over your Anne curtains made from fabric off cuts! What inspired the space and layout for your van renovation? 

So many people have been asking where I got my curtains from! Anne is just the most beautiful print and I love that Spelly and Lizzy let me re-imagine deadstock fabric into curtains for the van. 

I spent so many hours getting lost in Van inspo on Instagram and Pinterest – there are so many incredible set ups out there! I would just save anything I loved and try to work this into my design. I also chose a van that was really wide so I could put the bed across the back, and have more internal space for the kitchen. I love creating spaces and the van was no exception – I had so much fun designing this space with my friends who so cleverly helped bring it to life. 

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What was the most surprising thing about your van set up?

How much you can do with such a small space, and how little you actually need to live! Feeling very inspired to live a more minimal life… 

If there’s one thing you could have done differently what would it be? 

Go for longer! Already planning the next adventure, and forever believing that all the best days are yet to come… 

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With love to our forever adventuring Lulu x

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Captured on film by Anrielle Hunt