#spelltravel to Kenya with @emelinaah

Spell Spell Spell

Sand and salt, sun and smiles

Immersed in untamed beauty, Emily’s images tell a story of slowly awaking to the sun rising, curtains calmly floating in the sea breeze…
days spent wandering, and then lazing…
evenings of endless lingering light ~ breathing in every moment.

We adore Emily’s creative eye ~ from her photographic explorations of a place to her styling of our Spell pieces of course.
Be transported to Kenya with @emelinaah as she packs her favourite Lady Amethyst pieces {and sneak peeks of our next collection!}

When Emily travels the world, her images are constantly commented with “where is this place?”
We chat with Emily for a look beyond the lens of her days spent in dreamy Lamu, Kenya.Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

Your Instagram is a collection of your travels. How do you find these dreamy destinations and unique places to stay?
A combination of things really! Pinterest, Airbnb and other beautiful people I follow online really. I will say though I have a unique skill of being able to trawl Airbnb for exactly what I want. My husband calls it an art.

Give us an insight in to how you travel ~ how do you discover these ultimate Insta worthy spots and experiences (like sailing the coast of Kenya!)
My favourite way of travelling is to get away from what my life is like at home. I love to not be able to speak the language, and be completely immersed in a culture that is in no way similar to my own. I like to feel challenged. To see things I’m not used to, and have my eyes opened to different ways of living. I feel I grow the most as a person, and get the most out of the experience spiritually and mentally this way.

As for how I find them? Haha I’m not even sure myself! I just get an idea and go for it.

What does travelling mean to you?
It means growing. Expanding. Changing. Opening yourself up to a broader perspective. Understanding different cultures and empathising with different walks of life. We’re all different and it’s beautiful. Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

What drew you to Kenya?
We went to Tanzania last year and when we were there we heard about this tiny little island Lamu. No cars, the only way to get around is walk, donkey or boat. Incredible architecture and right on the beach. From there we just had to go.

Describe the sensory experience of Lamu…
Soft humid air filtering softly through palm leaves, only to be broken by the sound of prayer or laughter. The biggest, warmest smiles you have ever seen, with the constant murmur of Karibu! (Meaning welcome).  Sleeping with all the doors and windows open, covered by nothing more than a mossie net and the salty sea breeze. Sand and salt and sun and smiles.

As you wander around Lamu Island, what’s in your straw bag?
My phone, my film camera and a sarong.

Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

Most memorable moment in Kenya…
Sailing along the coast of Kenya at sunset. It’s so peaceful and still. It feels like you’re floating in the sky as the water reflects the marshmallow skies.

A travel memory you’ll never forget…
Holi festival in India – now that was an experience!

Next destination on your wish-list?
We go to Oman next month and I can’t wait to see more of the Middle East.

Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

What inspires you?
Light. I think light and shadow and colour are my biggest inspirations always.

In front or behind the lens ~ how do you feel about each role, what elements do you love?
I personally love being behind the lens a hell of a lot more than in front of it! Even when I’m in front of the lens, I’m the one curating the image that I want, telling Will exactly what I want it to look like. I’m much more engaged with the creative aspects of photography than being a subject of the photo. But alas, Will won’t pose naked in a giant hat for me so …

How do you and your husband compliment each other ~ as creatives, and travellers?
Will is the calm to my eccentric hahaha. He’s the relaxed to my energy. He sees things in SUCH a different way to me, which is beautiful because he’s always showing me weird and wonderful ways of looking at the world. He’s such a minimalist which I love.

Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

You reimagined our Seashell Top backwards, and it’s now been spotted worn by many taking their styling cues from you ~

Who is your style icon?
Oh I really don’t think I have just one! I have seven million, nearly every body I see inspires me in some way. I’ll be having coffee and lusting over the girl next to me’s hair. Or buying groceries and loving the grandma’s beaded jewellery. I think I like to take inspiration from everyone and everything really!

What is your secret styling tip?
Never worry about what anyone else thinks of you. There is no “cool”. Dress however you want, that makes you feel good! Individuality is what makes us all unique.

Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

The Details ~

Where to stay…
Betty’s Suite

Where to eat…

Where to drink…
There’s only the one place so that makes it easy! Peponis

Must see…
The donkeys!

Can’t leave without experiencing…
Sunset dhow sail

Muse and creative @emelinaah

Emily wears the Seashell Organic Ruched Skirt
Love Potion Ribbed Singlet
Amethyst Robe
Camp Fire Lounge Top
Frankie Shirred Sundress